About the competition

The British Life Photography Awards

This new photographic competition has been inspired by an explosion of interest in photography and its power to illustrate life in Britain today.  A technological revolution has given us all access to cameras enabling spontaneous capture of original and arresting images of our lives.

Heather Buckley, Winner, Brits on Holiday, 2014 Heather Buckley, Winner, Brits on Holiday, 2014

Key aims:

  • Showcase contemporary and imaginative images that capture the essence and spirit of British life
  • Celebrate British life through a series of outstanding photographic images
  • Revive an interest in documentary and reportage photography
  • Share illuminating, thought provoking, humorous and poignant imagery
  • Develop and chronicle documentary images that portray and record British Life
  • Highlight the relevance and importance of photography to raise awareness and inform
  • Inspire and motivate young people to develop a passion for photography  
  • Communicate images and stories widely, across all media and through exhibitions and a book / portfolio.